All about street art

To the delight of art lovers, contemporary art is expressed on different fronts. A painting, a picture, a photo, graffiti on the walls of your room, or even on the street. Street art is therefore only one form of art among many others. However, from the way it is done to the place where it is done, everything distinguishes it from other types of art that are blossoming every day.

When art meets the street

Still known as urban art to some, street art is a form of artistic expression that has come to life through contact with the street. More than scribbles of characters, letters, or graphic representations of all kinds, street art claims to be an artistic movement. It takes off towards the end of the XX th century to progressively impose itself in the urban environment.

With a good brushstroke, anyone can tag a wall. But it takes more to join the club of graffiti artists for whom street art is not only about drawings. Banksy and Mick the Rock are among others, some figures of this libertine discipline of arts.

The techniques of realization

Street art is not only spray cans as some might think. Street art is also brushes, stickers, tape, video projection. It all depends on the technique because urban art is expressed in different forms. We generally distinguish graffiti, mosaic, animation, poster, painting, urban knitting, or even photography. So, don't forget to take a closer look if you come across a wall full of graffiti. You could be surprised.

The most important street art events

Street art is now a worldwide movement. So it's only natural to come across urban art festivals here and there. Among them, the famous Upfest or the less known Grenoble Street art Fest and Underground Effect. There is no lack of urban art festivals. Streets full of graffiti as far as the eye can see either.











All about contemporary art

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4 accessories to make graffiti

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Focus on the longest graffiti walls in the world

Contemporary art is not only found in art paintings. It is also found in the frescoes and drawings that decorate the walls of our streets. With the development of urban art, street art expresses itself even better and the graffiti walls are getting longer and longer. A detour to the longest graffiti walls in the world. Misha's wall This fresco, which extends over more than 10 thousand square meters, is made by the young Russian graffiti artist Misha Most. The origin of this impressive wall is t... Read

Who are the most influential contemporary artists of the moment?

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