Judith Merril
"The Little Mother of Science Fiction"

Bibiliography of Written Works



Shadow on the Hearth. Doubleday, New York, & Family Book Club, 1950; also U.K., Italy, Mexico, Germany.

The Tomorrow People. Pyramid, New York, 1960, 1963; also Italy, Germany.

Gunner Cade (With C.M. Kornbluth, as "Cyril Judd"). Astounding, 1951, Simon & Schuster, New York, 1952; Ace 1958; also U.K., Italy, France.

Outpost Mars (with C.M. Kornbluth, as "Cyril Judd"). Galaxy, 1952; Abelard, NewYork, 1952; Dell (pb) 1953; also U.K., Germany.

Short Story Collections and Novellas

Out of Bounds. Pyramid, New York, 1960, 1963.

Daughters of Earth. Doubleday, New York, 1969; Dell, 1970; also U.K., Germany.

The Best of Judith Merril. Warner, 1976.

Survival Ship. Kakabeka, Toronto, 1977.

Daughters of Earth and Other Stories. McClelland & Stewart, Toronto, 1985.

Short Stories 
(written under the name Judith Merril)

"Barrier of Dread," Future, 1950; SF Quarterly, 1951; Journey to Infinity, ed. Greenberg, Gnome Press, 1952.

"Connection Completed," Universe, 1954; rpt. Science Fantasy, 1956; Out of Bounds, Merril, 1960; Survival Ship, Merril, 1985.

"Daughters of Earth" (Novella), The Petrified Planet, ed. John Ciardi, Twayne, 1953; New Worlds, London, 1966; Daughters of Earth, Merril, 1969; Daughters of Earth & Other Stories, Merril, 1985; The Best of JM, Merril, 1976.

"Dead Center," Fantasy & Science Fiction, 1954; Fiction (Paris), 1955; Best American Short Stories, ed. Foley, Houghton Mifflin, 1956; A Treasury of Great SF. V. 2, ed. Boucher, Doubleday, 1959; The World of Psychology, Vol. 1 ed. G.B. Levitas, Braziller, 1959; Out of Bounds, Merril, 1960; The Best of JM, Merril, 1976; Daughters of Earth & Other Stories, Merril, 1985.

"Death Cannot Wither" (with A.S. Budrys), Fantasy & Science Fiction, 1959; Out of Bounds, Merril, 1960; Rod Serling's Devils & Demons, ed. Rod Serling, Bantam, 1967; The Ninth Fontana Book of Great Ghost Stories, ed. R. Chetwynd-Hayes, Fontana, 1973.

"Death is the Penalty," Astounding, 1949; Beyond the End of Time, ed. F. Pohl, Permabooks, 1952; Survival Ship, Merril, 1973.

"The Deep Down Dragon," Galaxy, 1961; The 7th Galaxy Reader, ed. Pohl, Doubleday, 1964; rpt. Gollancz, London, 1985; 13 Above the Niqht, ed. Groff, Conklin, Dell, 1965; Survival Ship, Merril, 1973; Galaxy, Vol. 1, ed. Pohl, Greenberg & Olander, Playboy SF, 1980.

"Exile from Space" (Novella), Fantastic Universe, 1956; Fantastic Universe Omnibus, ed. Santesson, Prentice Hall, 1960; Flying Saucers in Fact & Fiction, ed. Santesson; Survival Ship, Merril, 1973.

"The Future of Happiness," Chatelaine, (3 short-short stories), 1979.

"Golfer's Girl," Toronto Star Weekly, 1949.

"Hero's Way," Space, 1952.

"Homecalling" (Novella), Original SF Stories, 1965; Impulse, London, 1966; Daughters of Earth, Merril, 1969; Daughters of Earth & Other Stories, Merril, 1985; La Tartaruga, Milan, 1989.

"The Lady was a Tramp" (First published under "Rose Sharon"), Venture, 1956; Out of Bounds, Merril, 1960; Survival Ship, Merril, 1963; The Venus Factor, eds. Ghidalia and Elwood, Manor, 1972; The Best of JM, Merril, 1976; Aliene, Amazzoni, Astronaute, Mondadori, Milan, 1990.

"A Little Knowledge," Science Fiction Quarterly, 1955; Stardust (3.1), ed. Forrest Fusco.

"The Lonely," Worlds of Tomorrow, 1963; Survival Ship, Merril, 1973; The Best of JM, Merril, 1976; Space Mail, ed. Isaac Asimov, Fawcett, 1980; Daughters of Earth & Other Stories, 1985.

"Muted Hunger," Saint Mystery Magazine, 1961,1962; The Saint Magazine Reader, eds. Charteris & Santesson, Doubleday, 1966.

"One Death to a Customer," Saint Mystery Magazine, 1961, 1962; Le saint detective magazine, 1961.

"Peeping Tom," Startling Stories, 1954; Out of Bounds, Merril, 1960; Survival Ship, Merril, 1973; The 7 Deadly Sins of SF, ed. Isaac Asimov, Fawcett, 1980; Daughters of Earth & Other Stories, Merril, 1985.

"Pioneer Stock," Fantastic Universe, 1955.

"Project Nursemaid" (Novella), Fantasy and Science Fiction, 1955; 6 Great Short SF Novels, ed. Groff Conklin, Dell, 1960; (as novel) Mondadori, Rome, 1962; Daughters of Earth, Merril, 1969; Meta Luna, Meta Marte, Urania, Verona, 1962.

"Rain Check," Science Fiction Adventures, 1954; Crime Prevention in the 30th Century, ed. H.S. Santesson, Walker & Co., 1969.

"Sea Change," (With C.M. Kombluth; as "Cyril Judd") Dynamic Science Fiction, 1953.

"Shrine of Temptation," Fantastic, 1962; Gods for Tomorrow, ed. H.S. Santesson; Survival Ship, Merril, 1973; The Best of JM, Merril, 1976; Daughters of Earth & Other Stories, Merril, 1985.

"So Proudly We Hail," Star SF Stories, ed. F. Pohl, Ballantine, 1953; New York Post, May 1954; Seiun (Japan), 1955; Gamma, 1965; Survival Ship, Merril, 1973.

"Stormy Weather," Startling, 1954; The Best of JM, JM, 1976.

"Survival Ship," Worlds Beyond, 1951; BoLd, 1953; New Worlds, 1955; Tomorrow The Stars, ed. R.A. Heinlein, Doubleday, 1952; Transformations, ed. Daniel Roselle, Fawcett, 1973; Social Education (37.2), 1973; Anthropology Through SF, ed. Carol Mason, St. Martin's, 1974; You and SF, National Textbook Co., 1976; Rhetorical Considerations, eds. Brenton & Lutz, Winthrop, 1977; Futurescapes, ed. Robert Tompkins, Methuen, 1977; Responding To Reading, Level C, ed. S. Ireland, Addison-Wesley, 1983; Contexts 3, ed. Glen Sorestad et al., Nelson, 1984; Il Richiamo, La Tartaruga edizione, 1989.

"That Only a Mother," Astounding, 1948; World of Wonder, ed. Fletcher Pratt, Twayne, 1951; Children of Wonder, ed. William Tenn, Simon & Schuster, 1952; rpt. as The Outsiders, Perma, 1954; The Damned, ed. D. Talbot, Lion, 1954; First Flight, ed. Damon Knight, Lancer, 1963; SF Hall of Fame, Vol. 1, ed. Robert Silverberg, Doubleday, 1963; Transformations, ed. Daniel Roselle, Fawcett, 1963; The Hitchhiker, ed. Laura Downman, Wiksell, 1964; Social Education (37.2), 1973; Introductory Psychology Through SF, ed. Harvey Katz et al.; Rand McNally, 1974; Women of Wonder, ed. Pamela Sargent, Vintage, 1974; Vrouwen in Wonderland, De Arbeiderspers, Amsterdam, 1974; Femmes et merveilles, ed. Pamela Sargent, Denoel, 1975; The Best 0f JM, Merril, 1976; Mujeres y maravillas, ed. Pamela Sargent, Brugera, 1977; Galerij der Giganted 2, ed Robert Silverberg, Elsevier, 1977; The Road to SF #3, ed. James Gunn, Mentor, 1979; Great SF Stories #10 (1948), eds. Asimov & Greenberg, DAW, 1983; Countdown to Midnight, ed. H. Bruce Franklin, DAW, 1984; Daughters of Earth & Other Stories, JM, 1985; Aliene, Amazzoni, Astronaute, Mondadori, Milan, 1990; Women of Wonder - The Classic Years, Harcourt Brace, 1995

"Whoever you Are," Startling, 1952; Out of Bounds, Merril, 1960; Survival Ship, Merril, 1973; The Best of JM, Merril, 1976; Daughters of Earth & Other Stories, Merril, 1985.

"Wish Upon a Star," Fantasy & Science Fiction, 1958; Fiction, Paris, 1959; Survival Ship, Merril, 1973; The Best of JM, Merril, 1976; Daughters of Earth & Other Stories, Merril, 1985; Il Richiamo, La Tartaruga edizione, 1989.

"Woman of the World," (First published under "Rose Sharon")  Venture, 1957.

Short Stories (written under other names)

As Judith Grossman
"The Golden Fleece" in The Tower, 1939; rpt. in Bakka Magazine #6, 1977.

As Judy Zissman
2 stories in Crack Detective, 1945-1946.

As Eric Thorstein
7 stories in Sports Leader , Western Action, Blue Ribbon Western, Double Action Western, Famous Western, 1947-1948.

As Ernest Hamilton
10 stories in Sports Short Stories, Cowboy, Sports Fiction, 1947-1948.

As James McCreigh (With Frederick Pohl)
"Big Man With The Girls", Future, 1953; Escape to Earth, ed. Ivan Howard, Belmont, 1963.

As Cyril Judd
(with C.M. Kornbluth) Two novels (see bibliography of fiction), and the story "Sea Change", 1953.

As Rose Sharon
Two short stories: "The Lady Was a Tramp", 1956; "Woman of The World", 1957, both in Venture.

Of a total of 49 short stories, 28 are represented in 38 trade anthologies, and eleven collections designed as texts for secondary and post-secondary schools, most notably:

  • The Best American Short Stories
    Ed. M. Foley, Houghton Mifflin, 1955.
  • A Treasury of Great Science Fiction
    Ed. A. Boucher, Doubleday, 1959.
  • The Worlds of Psychology
    Ed. G.B. Levitas, Braziller, 1963.
  • The Science Fiction Hall of Fame
    Ed. R. Silverberg, Doubleday, 1970.
  • Other Canadas 
    Ed. J.R. Colombo, McGraw-Hill Ryerson, 1979.
  • Women of Wonder, The Classic Years
    Ed. P. Sargent, Harcourt Brace, 1995.


SF-ni naniga dekimasuka
(SF : What Can You Do With It?), Shobunsha, Tokyo, 1972. 
(In Japanese only.)

In Translation (Merril's Works)

33 titles have been translated for publication in French, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, and/or Japanese. 

Translations From Japanese (Done by Merril)

"The Sunset, 2217 A.D." (with Tetsu Yano) by Ryu Mitsuse, Best science fiction for 1972, ed. Frederik Pohl, Ace, 1972.

"The Empty Field" (trans. with Kinya Tsuruta) by Mono Kita, Omega, ed. R. Elwood, Walker, 1973.

"The Savage Mouth"(with Tetsu Yano) by Sakyo Komatsu, Rooms of Paradise, ed. Lee Harding, Quartet, 1978.

"The Road to the Sea"(with Tetsu Yano) by Takashi Ishikawa, Proteus, ed. Richard S. McEnroe, Charter, 1981.

Anthologies (Edited by Merril)

Shot in the Dark Bantam, New York, 1950.

Beyond Human Ken. Random House, New York, 1952; also U.K.

Beyond the Barriers of Space and Time. Random House, New York, 1954; also U.K. 

Human? Lion, New York, 1954.

Galaxy of Ghouls. Lion, New York, 1955.

England Swings SF. Doubleday, New York, 1968; Ace (pb), 1970; also U.K.

Tesseracts. Press Porcepic, Vancouver, 1985.

The SF Annuals (1956-8) 
(A 12-year series, with title and publisher changes. All 12 volumes of the series were also published in Japan, and volumes 5-9 in the U.K.)

SF: The Year's Greatest Science Fiction & Fantasy. Dell Originals, New York, 1956-7-8-9, and Gnome Press, (as SF: 56/57/58/59).

The Year's Best SF,5th, 6th, 7th, 8th , 9th Annuals. Simon & Schuster, New York, 1960-4; and Dell (pb),1961-5.

The Year's Best SF 10th, 11th Annuals. Delacorte, New York, 1965-6; and Dell (pb), 1966-7.

SF:12. Delacorte, New York, 1968; Dell (pb), 1968.

SF: The Best of the Best. Delacorte, New York, 1967; Dell (pb)1967; also U.K.


Criticism (1952- 97)

More than three hundred pieces of critical writing, ranging from brief commentaries in anthologies through individual book reviews, review columns, introductions and afterwords to annual summaries of the field and a 12,000-word historical overview of speculative fiction, have appeared in critical journals, books, newspapers and popular magazines. 

Notable items include: 

  • A regular book review column in the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, between March, l965 and February, 1969
  • A lengthy historical/critical essay, "What Do You Mean, Science? Fiction?," originally published in 1956, in Extrapolation (then the journal of the science fiction Conference in the Modern Language Association), still widely used in university science fiction courses. (This essay was also the title piece in a collection of critical writings translated for book publication in Japan).

Criticism, Introductions, Reviews, etc.

"Summation" and story notes. Annually, in SF: The Year's Best anthologies from 1959-1968.

"Books" From March 1963 to February 1969-regular book review feature for The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction; 26 review columns.

"What do you mean, Science? Fiction?" Extrapolation, 1966; SF:The Other Side of Realism, ed. Thomas D. Clareson, Bowling Green University Press, 1971; NW-SF, Vol. 4, Japan; SF-ni naniga dekimasuka, ed. Asakura, Shobunsha, Tokyo, 1972.

"Guest Editorial" Impulse, Nov. 1966.

"Introduction" SF: The Best of the Best, Delacorte, 1967.

"Introduction" Once & Future Tales from F & SF, ed. Ferman, Harris, Wolfe, 1968.

"Introduction" Path into the Unknown: The Best of Soviet SF, Delacorte, 1968; Dell, 1968.

"Introduction" The Secret Songs, by Fritz Leiber, Hart-Davis, 1968; Shobunsha, 1972; Meulenhoff, 1976.

"Fritz Leiber" F & SF, July 1969; The Best From F & SF , ed. Ferman, Doubleday, 1974.

"Canada's Americans," (Book review), Saturday Night, August, 1971.

"SF-ni naniga dekimasuka " (SF: What Can You Do With It?) Collection of critical writings by Judith Merril, ed. and trans. by Hisashi Asakura, Shobunsha, Tokyo, 1972.

"900 Pages (Illustrated) of Tripe" (Book review), Toronto Star, 1974.

"Yesterday's Tomorrows" (Book review), Toronto Star, June, 1974.

"Canadian Science Fiction" (Annotated bibliography), Bakka Magazine #6, 1977.

"Science Fiction Takes Off" Weekend Magazine, 1977. 

"Readable SF" (Book review), Globe & Mail, June 25, 1977.

"In Memory Yet Green" (Book review), Globe & Mail, June 9, 1979.

"A Memoir and Appreciation" The SF of Mark Clifton, eds. Malzberg & Greenberg, Southern Illinois University Press, 1980.

"Women in SF" (An Annotated Bibliography), Canadian Women's Studies, 1981.

"Afterword" Ark of Ice,- Canadian Futurefiction, Ed. Leslie Choyce, 1992.

"Emancipation Proclamation" Gummitch and Friends, Fritz Leiber, 1992.

"Foreward" Out of This World, Quarry Press, 1995;Visions d'autres mondes, Editions RD, 1995.

Other Non-Fiction

"Mars - New World Waiting," Marvel Science Fiction, August 1951.

"The Hydra Club," Marvel Science Fiction, November, 1951.

"Theodore Sturgeon," Fantasy & Science Fiction, Sept. 1962; The Best from F&SF, ed. Ferman, Doubleday, 1974.

"Japan: Hai!" OSFIC #24 , 1970.

"Science: Myth Tomorrow, Magic Yesterday" Issues & Events, Feb. 1972.

"Basil Tomatoes a la Ipsy Wipsy," Cooking Out Of This World, ed. Anne McCaffrey, Ballantine, 1973.

"The Three Futures of Eve," The Canadian, Sept. 11, 1976.

"Close Encounters of a Monstrous Kind," Weekend Magazine, May 6, 1978.

"Beverly Glen Copeland," Canadian Women's Studies, 1978.

"Questions Unasked, Issues Unaddressed," Perspectives On Natural Resources-Symposium II, ed. Page, Sir Sandford Fleming College, 1979.

"The Future of Happiness," Chatelaine, Jan. 1979; Daughters of Earth & Other Stories, Merril, 1985.

"Jamaica: A View from the Beach," Departures, April 1981.

"The Crazies are Dying," NOW, Sept. 25, 1986.

"Public Disservice," Quill and Quire, Toronto, 1994.

"Message to Some Martians," Visions of Mars, CD Rom, Virtual Reality Laboratories, Inc., 1994; Witness to Wilderness, Vancouver, 1994.

Poetry (1973-85)

"Auction Pit," Survival Ship, Merril, 1973;The Best of JM, Merril, 1976.

"In the Land of Unblind," Fantasy & Science Fiction, 1974; The Best of JM, Merril, 1976; Other Canadas, ed. John Robert Columbo, McGraw-Hill, 1979; Daughters of Earth and Other Stories, Merril, 1985;Tesseracts 3, Porcepic Books, 1990.

"Space is Sparse," Daughters of Earth and Other Stories, Merril, 1985.

"Woomers," Unpublished; written for reading at Harbourfront Benefit for Pages Bookstore, 1985.


Dramatizations / Adaptations for Performance

"Atomic Attack" Dramatization of Shadow on the Hearth for Motorola TV Playhouse, 1954

"Survival Ship" and "The Shrine of Temptation" adapted for reading aloud. C.B.C. Radio (1974), and Theatre Passe Muraille (1976) ; Caedmon Records (1978).

"Whoever You Are," Adapted with Charles Dewar; dramatized on CBC "Ideas", March, 1974.

"Headspace," Adapted with Paul Kelman as a stage play based on "Connection Completed", "The Lady was a Tramp", and "The Land of Unblind", for Theatre Passe Muraille, 1978

Radio & TV Documentaries 
(Scriptwriter, Interviewer and Narrator)

C.B.C Radio Ideas, Kaleidoscope, and Radio International (1971-75, 25.5 hours of documentaries): 

  • A ten-hour series: Japan: Future Probable;
  • A five-hour series: How to Face Doomsday Without Really Dying;
  • Fourteen individual programs of various lengths, including: "How to Think Science Fiction", "Radio Schools, Kaleidoscope" programme: 4 half-hours, 1971-1972; 
  • "Women of Japan", "Ideas": 1 hr, 1972;
  • "What Limits?", "Ideas": 1 hour, 1973;
  • "Growing up in Japan" "Radio Schools, Kaleidoscope": 5 half-hours, 1973;
  • "Science fiction Special", "Radio International": 2 hours, 1975;
  • "To Make a World", "Ideas": 1 hr, 1975;
  • "Apple Bay", "Ideas": 1 hour, 1975;
  • "Space is Sparse";
  • Readings from Elizabeth Smart's journals

T.V.O. (1978-81) 108 mini-documentaries: three to seven minutes each, following broadcast episodes of Dr. Who.

CBC Arts National, Readings from Emily Carr's journals, 1987.

Books (In Print)

Hugo Award-winning
Better to Have Loved:
The Life of Judith Merril

by Judith Merril and
Emily Pohl-Weary
(Between the Lines, 2002)

Homecalling and Other
Stories: The Complete
Short Fiction of Judith Merril
(NESFA Press,
February, 2005).

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