4 accessories to make graffiti

Graffiti is one of the most expressive forms of urban art. Whether it's on a home decor or in an urban space, contemplating graffiti can be enough to make you want to learn more. This time, we're going to introduce you to the graffiti essentials. 4 accessories that will make you want to cover some graffiti wall.

Aerosol can

For those who love tagging on the street corner, this is practically the first accessory. For professional graffiti artists too. That is if this technique is their favorite. Indeed, you can do graffiti without necessarily using a spray can.

It involves the use of other equally popular techniques such as foam, chalk, paintbrush, or airbrush which gives that air of a spray gun. The aerosol can is a bottle with a spray nozzle that can be activated to create designs.


This timeless decoration tool can be used for drawing, painting, and graffiti! A whole graffiti technique has been developed for its use in the street art world. To paint with a felt pen, you just have to apply it to the surface where you want to put the ink. Its use allows you to obtain more pronounced lines with a more or less clear rendering. There are markers for acrylic paint and others for fluorescent paint, among others.

The airbrush

This is a kind of paint gun, but a miniature paint gun. It allows to eject paint by spraying by activating the air compression system. Close to the surface where the paint is applied, it allows to obtain precise lines. Far away, the result is less pronounced. Still, it can be as indispensable as a spray can, thanks to its single-action and double-action versions.


Logotypes, graffiti or drawings, stickers are like their supports. They allow you to instantly apply a design to a surface, without having to go to the trouble of drawing it with an airbrush for example. They are therefore practical for any graffiti artist who has trouble finding his marks with other methods or even those who want to do illegal graffiti without getting caught.