The most beautiful sculptures in the world

Whether they are made of marble, stone, bronze, or wood among others, sculptures are erected, as famous as beautiful around the world. Places, characters, stories... They can leave you with various quite remarkable imprints. For you, a selection whose beauty makes all the difference.

The Colossus of the Apennines

We owe this Florentine sculpture to the genius of the Flemish artist Giambologna. This giant of several meters, which sits in the park of Pratolino, is a work of art that has combined architecture and nature. In the hollow of its rocky feet are several pieces that have so many stories to tell after five centuries.

Popped up

Still in the lot of giants, Popped up, this giant, which tries in vain to emerge from the ground. It is a contemporary creation of Hervé Loranth Ervin that sits on Széchenyi Square in Budapest. The Art Market Budapest 2014 saw its birth.

The travelers

These works from Bruno Catalano's collection are well named. They represent characters that disappear, giving these sculptures a touch of surrealism. If you're interested in seeing one of them, head to Marseille, France.


Beyond the character, the experience she lives. That of freedom. This is one of the most impressive artistic representations of Zenos Frudakis today. It is located in Philadelphia, USA. One look at it, and we get that the human aspiration to freedom remains paramount.

The force of nature

The origin of these sculptures is the devastation on the Thai coast. The Italian sculptor Lorenzo Quinn was inspired to produce a series of sculptures that are erected everywhere. These include Singapore, England, and the United States. The depiction of Mother Nature defying the forces of nature, particularly that of gravity, has resonated.

Apollo and Daphne

A masterpiece of the Baroque style, the sculpture of Apollo and Daphne stands among other works in the Borghese Gallery in Rome. In a rather poetic style, it represents Daphne transformed by her Father into a laurel tree. She had to escape the advances of the conductor of the nine muses.