Focus on the longest graffiti walls in the world

Contemporary art is not only found in art paintings. It is also found in the frescoes and drawings that decorate the walls of our streets. With the development of urban art, street art expresses itself even better and the graffiti walls are getting longer and longer. A detour to the longest graffiti walls in the world.

Misha's wall

This fresco, which extends over more than 10 thousand square meters, is made by the young Russian graffiti artist Misha Most. The origin of this impressive wall is the 2017 ArtOvrag festival, which was part of the joint celebration of the anniversary of the United Metallurgical Company and 260 years of Vyksa.

His painting, which stands as one of the longest works of street art at the moment, evokes clich├ęs of mechanical and scientific evolution, not to mention a touch of Russian cosmic philosophy. It's enough to take a long walk of discovery under a wall of hypnotic art bubbles.

The Rehlatna wall

This jewel of street art was created in the United Arab Emirates on the occasion of the forty-third national holiday. Through this project, more than 150 graffiti artists have expressed themselves on the rich history of the Emirates. On 2, 2454 kilometers spread out frescoes that describe dromedaries as well as buildings. In this mix of art, history and modernity come together to give a glimpse of the wide diversity and richness of Emirati society.

Philadelphia, Antwerp, Mexico City, or Taipei?

The cities are jostling to maintain a place of choice in the concert of graffiti. From the largest to the longest, passing by the most beautiful, their graffiti do not fail to impress. Beyond the singularity that characterizes them, it is the expression of an era, a reality, or a dream. Each graffiti artist is the teller of a message, even if it means drawing it on the longest wall in the world.