Who are the most influential contemporary artists of the moment?

History has known its share of artists as brilliant as each other. Paintings, sculptures, drawings, etc. This jewel of the arts knows every day, even more, determining turns. With it, the contemporary artists constantly making a name for themselves and their works.

Damien Hirst

"For the Love of God" is one of the most important works of contemporary art. This diamond-coated skull is signed by Damien Hirst. The famous British artist and Turner Prize winner has been on the scene since the end of the twentieth century when he appeared as one of the figures of the Young British Artists. Apart from his blue boxes in which animals bathe, he takes his time in the realization of works inspired by death, but also of quite varied subjects of life.

Zeng Fanzhi

He is known for his masked characters. Even if the basic idea seems simple, his works are distinguished by pop culture, but also its history and the history of China which it is impregnated. His adaptation of the Last Supper in 2001 made him stand out even more, and today he is one of the most important figures in contemporary art. The Chinese painter's popularity is only increasing.

Christopher Wool

This American artist can be recognized by his works: black letters on white backgrounds. If his paintings seem, as a result, simplified, this is not the case of the art world which considers him as one of the professionals of the current art. His muse, repetition, and banality. The abstraction in his works has impressed many, consecrating "Apocalypse now” his most emblematic achievement.

Mark Grotjahn

Abstraction is the keyword in his productions that literally reinvent art. In his impromptu lines and colors, it is possible to find strangeness, but also the presence of the unknown. The works of the Californian artist have won over collectors. In 2017, he concluded a sale at $16.8 million. The 3D invites itself in his achievements.

Far from stopping with the artists in our selection, the list is even longer and richer. It includes such famous names as Rudolf Stingel, Adrian Ghenie, Peter Doig, etc.